Curvy Yoga - Twists, Transitions & Tranquility

Curvy Yoga - Twists, Transitions & Tranquility


The mouthful of a title gives you a clue that this series is packed full of goodness! 

Enjoy 6 mixed classes to help you look at things differently, explore change, and then chill out! You'll be moving, you'll be stretching, you'll get stronger and then, you will rest.

Each class will include a more active, and then a restful portion filled with restorative yoga.

It's the best balance.


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We'll be practicing our curvy loving standing, seated, balancing and of course twisting poses together in our welcoming, safe and warm studio. We'll link our breath to our movements and pay extra attention to how we mindfully transition in and out of these poses. Then, we'll calm down as we end the class with either yoga nidra, guided meditations or restorative yoga while we're lying comfortably on the floor supported by blankets & bolsters. 

The benefits that you'll receive from these classes will follow you off of your mat and out into your world!

Olwen is one of the most sincere and supportive yoga instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her individualized attention and care and clear investment in my positive experience was evident from the absolute beginning; I felt rejuvenated and supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She facilitates her classes in a way that makes it feel so deliciously safe to participate one hundred percent. I would recommend her and her classes without a second’s hesitation—doubly so if she’s bringing her drum.
— Brenda E.

No previous yoga experience is necessary. Beginners with an open mind, a kind heart and an interest in circling with a great group of women are always welcome. All shapes, all sizes, and abilities are welcome. 

Classes are small so that you’ll receive the attention that you deserve!

Please note that these classes are for women, and anyone who identifies as a woman, only.

Dates, Time & Location

When: 7 – 8:15 pm Thursday, November 3, 10, 17, 24, Dec. 1, 8, 2016.

Where: Awaken Wellness Centre at 420 Weber Street North, 2nd floor, Waterloo ON N2L 4E7

420 Weber St. N. is a white building across the street from St. David Catholic Secondary School. Closest major intersection is King St. N. and Weber St. N.

Please note that the 2nd floor can only be accessed by climbing approx. 10 steps. 

There is plenty of free parking. 

Pre-registration is required so save your place in class by adding this to your cart and completing your order. 

Click here to read answers to the most frequently asked questions about Curvy Yoga, and see my Terms & Policies

What to Bring

  • Clothing that you're comfortable moving in
  • A yoga mat
  • Water bottle
Curvy Yoga with Olwen Wilson