Where Do You Practice Yoga?

The mat that I stand on while I practice yoga represents a time for me to reconnect with my breath. Bring my attention to my inner body. Focusing only (more like mostly) on what is occurring on that mat. I love spending time on my yoga mat. No matter how long, or how little it lasts . . . I love it.

That is my mat on my hardwood floor you see in the picture above. Imagine that this is my sacred room where it is quiet, peaceful and free from clutter. There is a slight breeze coming in from the open window and I can hear the birds singing out in the trees. The bright light is being filtered through the beautiful sheers on the large window and I have an abundance of time to move mindfully through my asana practice.

On this particular day, however, the reality is that I rolled my mat out in my kitchen because I finally got some toddler free time while my son took a quick nap. So now imagine my yoga mat wedged between my kitchen-island and the stacks of dirty dishes in and around the sink that I don’t want to clean. Yes, the hardwood floor is nice, but all I can think about when I am in the kitchen is why did the previous owners put hardwood in the kitchen as I see splashes of water always miss the rugs I strategically placed to protect it from said splashes. Now back to that open window that isn’t really allowing me to hear the birds sing, but rather the neighbours screaming at their dog. Not the most serene environment, but I AM on my yoga mat. That is what I am focusing on . . . being on my mat.

I move through some yoga postures and for a few moments, I forget what is around me. As my body warms up I flow easier through my poses. This sacred time doesn’t last long. I don’t get to move through all of my intended practice, BUT I did get to practice. The small amount of time that I took to take care of myself now allows me to go and take care of everything else that is important to me. The calls for “mommy” are a sweet way to be coaxed off of my yoga mat.

Olwen Wilson