The Absolute Must Of Your Yoga Practice

Think about it for a minute. What is one thing that is an absolute must in your practice?

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.
— Maya Angelou


The answer is YOU.

Without you, there is no practice. Your body, your mind and your willingness to try are really all that you need.

Of course there are some things that might make your practice more enjoyable and comfortable. I’m thinking about a mat, some props, a teacher to guide you, but your practice is what you make of it. You can always change your mat, your props, and even your teacher. The one constant in your practice is you. BUT that doesn’t mean that you never change.



I don’t know.

You don’t even know . . . yet. That is what makes it so exciting.

I can give you lists of reasons why yoga can benefit your health, your stress management, and your outlook on life. Google it, I’m sure you can even find your own lists, but I think deep down you already know that yoga is beneficial to you (especially if you've gotten this far).

I just wanted to remind you of the most important aspect of your practice . . . and that is YOU!