I'm In a Magazine... And I thought I'd be more excited about it.

My yoga classes are currently featured in an article in a local magazine.

In the top picture:  (from left to right) Frances R., me (Olwen Wilson), Mary O., & Laura Reed.  In the bottom picture:  Cathy R., Tammy W., Linda C. & Laura's arm.   Photos in the magazine were taken by Tomasz Adamski.

In the top picture: (from left to right) Frances R., me (Olwen Wilson), Mary O., & Laura Reed.
In the bottom picture: Cathy R., Tammy W., Linda C. & Laura's arm.

Photos in the magazine were taken by Tomasz Adamski.

These pictures depict one of the best parts of my classes where a group of women gather to practice yoga and have a bunch of fun while we’re at it!

When that top picture was taken we were doing what we do best... cracking jokes & surrounding ourselves with laughter, while we were feeling the sweet burn of holding these poses for what seemed like forever to get these shots!

The writer approached me months ago about writing a piece on Curvy Yoga because one of my students spoke so highly of my classes (I have the best students!). I was so excited to be featured, and I appreciate that this article will help to let people know that they have other options for their yoga practice.

However, I’m disappointed with the final result.
It’s disheartening to see in print how often I was misquoted, and how events and information (even easily verifiable information) was mixed up and presented incorrectly.

This has led to confusion for their readers and my students.
I’m quoted throughout the article, but every quote is inaccurate. There’s even something that I really do say, but it’s attributed to someone else.
My fellow Curvy Yoga teacher, Laura Reed, is also quoted in the article and from what we can see it appears that what we’ve said while being interviewed separately has been muddled up together in print, and words have been added that neither of us would ever say.
Now, I realize that there may be some creative elements added to an article that someone else writes… but I would have preferred if those elements didn’t have quotes around them that were tied to me.
So, below you will find my top eight things that need to be clarified.  

1) Edited June 2017 since my in-person classes are currently on hold: My Curvy Yoga classes used to take place at the Awaken Wellness Centre in Waterloo.

Echo Roots Wellness is the name of my business, and the virtual office (via echorootswellness.com) from which I work.

2) While Curvy Yoga is for women and men, I have chosen to offer my classes at the Awaken Wellness Centre for women, and anyone who identifies as a woman, only. I continue to be amazed at how women gathering together can create some serious heartfelt magic. Laura Reed offers co-ed Curvy Yoga classes.

If any of these classes don’t work for you, I’d be happy to help you find ones that do. This directory will link you to Curvy Yoga teachers around the world. 

What’s most important is that you find the right teacher, and classes that work best for you.

Here you will find the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions about my yoga classes in case you had the same questions. 

*Now to be clear I have taught men, and will continue to do so if they attend workshops, retreats outside of what I offer at the venue where I currently teach most of my Curvy Yoga classes, because these are for women only.

3) How I found and became associated with Curvy Yoga was during my initial yoga teacher’s training. It felt good to know that there were other teachers out there who recognized that there are different body types, shapes, and sizes with various abilities that are interested in practicing yoga. Not every teacher knows how to work with people who don’t look a certain way.

My original yoga teacher trainer, Sundeep Tyagi, understood that, and I found Curvy Yoga further enhanced what I was learning. I went on to become a certified Curvy Yoga teacher after I had already become a Registered Yoga Teacher. 

4) I had six women graciously volunteer their time to have their pictures taken for the magazine. But two weren’t identified in the pictures.

In the picture below, you can see Mary O. behind me, and Laura Reed is behind Mary. Thank you, Mary O. Laura Reed, Cathy R., Tammy W., Linda C., and Frances R. for being a part of these pictures. And thank you to the other women in my class that day who patiently waited for class to start late so we could have these pictures taken.

5) There are definitely more than three ways to do a sun salutation (BTW, going back to those inaccurate quotes, I never say “salute to the sun”), & what’s described in the article is one way that I have my students set up props for what we were doing in class that day.

6) You don’t need a library card to take any free classes at the Kitchener Public Library.

7) All my class details, dates, and times are listed on my website, specifically hereand pre-registration is required because space is limited.

8) I really hope that the quotes that are associated with my students are correct because they made me sound kinda awesome. (I told you I have the best students, right?)

Now you might be wondering, what was the magazine's response when I contacted them and shared my disappointment with all of the misrepresentations?

I read the article last week and contacted them immediately. They quickly expressed concern over the issues that I raised and I've since spoken with the editor directly on the phone. I'm waiting to hear back regarding how they plan to move forward to correct these errors.

As of right now, I feel like I've been heard, and my concerns are being taken seriously. I'll keep you posted about how this will be resolved. 

But in the meantime, this article is out there. And I thought I'd offer up some clarifications in case you come across it. 

I was really hoping that the article would be fantastic and my announcement to you would be filled with "Woohoo's", and "Yay's".

And this post would have been a whole hell of a lot shorter.


UPDATE as of August 12, 2016: I was notified that a correction will be printed in the next edition of the magazine. It's supposed to include some corrections and an acknowledgement that some quotes were "incorrectly attributed".