16+ Inspirations For Your New Year

I wanted to share some articles and videos that I enjoyed this past year in the hopes that you might find some inspiration as we move into a new one.

The time when the calendar changes from December to January can be filled with even more negative images, and shaming in the hopes that they will inspire you to change your body, your health, your life in some sort of positive way. It seems counterintuitive to me, and it makes me sad to see that it works for some people.

What gives me hope is that I know it can be a HUGE turn off for many others. Since you are reading this, I’m hoping that includes you.

If you answered YES, know that I love you already.

The following aren’t in any particular order, but all are here for a reason. I think you will be drawn to the ones that you need right now anyway (even if it is all of them). Take your time wandering through these links and store the little tidbits of information and thoughts away in your brain or in a journal so that you can return to them again and again.

These are for you …

Want to learn how to shine? See what happens when one woman stops apologizing for her body.


Want to be inspired to make peace with your body through yoga?


It’s easy for me to see a change in my students after a yoga class. I’ve seen confidence soar. A stronger stance. A willingness to try something new where once there would have only been resistance.

What’s even better is seeing a student recognize their own growth. Coming to their own realization of what they need in any given moment without looking to me, or anyone else, for approval.

I hope I never get tired of witnessing a student connect, or reconnect, with their body so that they can determine how to act on their own behalf and make decisions that work best for them. It is amazing to see!

Read through this short post to learn why it is important to connect with your body.


This past year I’ve been questioning a few things that no longer felt right for me to continue. Whenever this happens I tend to feel stuck and overwhelmed while I weigh my options (which really means I do whatever I can to ignore my gut!). Eventually I remind myself that I simply need to listen to my gut (it’s always served me well) and MOVE ON!

I read this article (unfortunately it no longer appears to be available) and knew I had to share it, especially when I read this line:

“The time and energy you’ve invested in a path does not require you to continue something longer than feels right to you.”


While I’m all for following your gut (see above), you also need to take care of it and eating fermented foods can be a great way to show it some love. This will helps you find over 85 ways  to do it too.


Want to start a conversation with your yoga teacher about being more inclusive and accepting of all bodies? Share this article with them.


There may be times when you don’t love your body as much as you once did. Whether it was the body that you had many years ago, or the one from last week. I think it is natural for you to not feel amazed by your body 24/7 and as this article states (and I agree) . . . That’s OK.

But what can you do when you feel this way? Well, remember that it is fine to feel those feelings. Whatever they are. Just don’t let those feelings hold you hostage. Here are some great suggestions on how you can help your negative feelings move along.


What an interesting way to think of grounding! When I first starting practicing I was lost when a teacher started talking about it. Had someone explained it in this way, it may have clicked a little bit sooner for me.

This is only a snippet of the article, but it was the part that resonated the most.

“Focusing our energy downward can be a strange change. Who wants to move down in the world? Our cultural ideals are to go forward, move up, grow up, wake up, or transcend. But I learned a new perspective in a yoga workshop with Amanda Zapanta last weekend. Most yoga practices are focused on liberating energy, moving it up the spine to enlightenment. But that’s not the direction of birth, or digestion. To make things happen, to put something into the world, we move downward. Starting with an idea in our heads, we visualize it in our mind’s eye. We verbalize the story, and start to build relationships from our heart. We center ourselves (in the solar plexus), begin to create, and finally see the physical object in the world.”


What to do when your healthy eating starts to look diet-y.


The best part of this article for me was the quote from Isabel Foxen Duke where she states: My body is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship . . . You don’t get to tell me what I can or can’t do with my body, and what I put in my body is not your decision.”

Remember these words and say them to yourself as often as you need to hear them. Then, when you are comfortable start saying it out loud, and calmly, to each and every person who makes a negative comment (or any comment) about anything that you are eating.

Lastly, keep on eating whatever it is that you are eating and make sure you enjoy the hell out of it!


Permission to honor your desires in your own way.


I am having more conversations with people who are curious about Curvy Yoga. While I love it, I don’t enjoy how often I’ve had to remind some that body positivity isn’t about putting someone else’s body down.

As Lindsay Guile states, her post (which helped spark this piece) was about “learning to love yourself – as well as everyone else . . . (and) how we all should celebrate our bodies – our homes – as beautiful, regardless of size and aesthetics.”

Please read and consider how (or if) comparison plays into how you feel about yourself. What can you do to help stop it?

I’m not saying it will go away overnight, but I do think that as we become more aware of when it is happening, we can take steps toward eliminating it.


I still love watching this beautiful video.


Sometimes the most responsible thing you can do is to drop one thing from your to-do list.


I joke that I will stop learning when I’m dead, but I think I should change it to “I will stop learning AND asking questions when I’m dead.” Although, heaven to me would be a place where I can still continue to do both!

All of my students are told to feel free to ask me questions before, during and after our practice. Why? (see what I did there?) Because I truly believe that this is a great way to gain a better understanding, make a correction, or to dig a little deeper for both the student and the teacher.

What questions have you asked in your yoga class?


Try to get past the title of this video to hear some excellent information. It is about you taking responsibility for your health by changing what you eat WHEN you feel YOU NEED to for your own health.

Ditch the labels and do what works for you!


Lastly, this does a great job of busting some myths and I wish everyone would read it.


Did you find anything that you might be able to use going forward? What is it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy your new year!