The #1 Reason to Try Private Yoga Lessons

(& nine more reasons to support the first).

Access to yoga seems to be readily available nowadays.  You don’t need to travel to a far off distant land to seek the guidance of a guru to become a yogi, or yogini. You don’t even need to leave your own home with the help of a yoga DVD or an on-line class.  So if yoga is so readily available, why would anyone want or need to have private yoga lessons?  I’m so glad you asked! Here is a list of my top 10 reasons why private yoga sessions are for you:

1. It is all about you!

A private lesson provides one-on-one attention and guidance. Your needs are always considered in a session and your goals are the primary focus. I consider this to be the most important reason, but feel free to continue reading if you need more evidence to help you come to this same conclusion! 

2. Convenience.

Work shifts? Don’t have a babysitter to match a studio’s schedule? Or do you have zero interest in being splashed by your neighbour’s sweat in class? No problem. Private yoga fits into your schedule and location preference. (Who isn’t more comfortable at home anyway?)

3. Clarity.

You’re not sure where to begin and while there is a lot of yoga information out there, it can be overwhelming. Having a breakdown of the basics, from proper alignment and breath work, will build your confidence. Beginners, and even more experienced students, can ask any questions they may be too embarrassed to in a group setting. Private sessions can be the perfect place for you to build your confidence so that you feel comfortable joining a group class (if that is what you would like to do).

4. You have an injury (or mobility issue).

Being in a class setting, a yoga teacher may not be able to work with you directly since his or her attention is shared amongst the other students. While you should always follow your intuition when it comes to what your body is capable of, you may forget that in a class setting. Pushing yourself beyond your physical limit can impede your healing process. Plus, it can be so much easier to learn some poses that you can do in your own home, in your own chair, or even steadying yourself against a wall or counter.

5. Variety. 

Does your schedule only allow you to make it to the same class week after week at your local studio? Have you memorized the teacher’s commentary in the on-line class that you are doing? Private yoga is customized to meet your needs, and a good instructor will offer you a restorative practice when you need it, and a more physically challenging one when your body requires it. A private class is where things can be shaken up more often.

6. Practice at your own pace.

Ever feel like you are huffing and puffing through your yoga class because you are rushing to keep up with the teacher?  You won’t feel like that in a private session. Well . . . you might. But, if you ever do, you and your teacher will quickly assess why that is, and take steps to correct it.

7. You like to practice yoga in your own space.

There are definite benefits to practicing in your own home. It is a place where you feel safe to explore and deepen your understanding. Plus you save time and energy not rushing to and from a studio if your yoga teacher comes to you. [I think we all know someone (maybe yourself) who has gotten stressed out over getting to class before they lock that damn door!]

8. Adjustments. 

You will receive hands on assists to your yoga postures. (Not body distorting adjustments to yank your foot over your head kind of adjustments, but gentle ones that help you become aware of alignment, or help your body relax further into a pose)

Props will no longer be foreign objects since you will learn how and when to use them to help you modify a pose for your unique body.

9. Develop a home practice.

I can’t think of a better way to build your practice than having a yoga teacher come to your home and show you how.

10. Focus. 

You want to work toward a specific goal; such as improving your flexibility or increasing your strength. Or perhaps you want to take care of your emotional health by finding a way to deal with the stress in your life. When you are working one-on-one with your teacher you can’t help but be less distracted so that you can concentrate on your practice.

There you have it. Ten reasons why you should try private yoga lessons, but the most important one is that they are all about you . . . your body . . . your needs . . . your preferences . . . your abilities.