Olwen Wilson

A fierce protector, a keeper of secrets and An advocate who is passionate about you feeling safe and cared for.

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I’m also a healing guide, yoga teacher and a supportive holistic & energy practitioner with a joyful spirit who believes that kitchen dance parties are a daily necessity. 

The messy middle doesn’t scare me, so I prefer to cut through the small talk to get to the heart of the matter. There’s magic there and I cherish it. Why waste time getting to it? But I won't push through to the middle right away if that makes you uncomfortable. 

I love to give people the space to be themselves. I want to ensure that everyone feels welcome and secure so that they can explore, experiment and simply experience their life. 

I provide a peaceful departure from the busyness of your everyday so that you can feel rejuvenated and become more attuned to your needs.

Imagine having the time and energy to enjoy what’s important to you, instead of being distracted by what isn’t.


"Olwen helped me clarify something that seemed SO straightforward to me—and I was SO wrong about. She’s super helpful and one of my go-to people when I’m in a transition or have a decision to make."


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If credentials make you happy, you should know that I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Certified Curvy Yoga Teacher, a Usui Reiki Master, Medical Reiki™Master, Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner and Earth Medicine practitioner. I also hold several certificates in various Access Body Processes.

The most important thing I can tell you is that I live what I teach, and practice what I preach.

I can’t do it any other way. 

Why Echo Roots Wellness?

“Echo Roots” represents your individuality. Your unique self is made up of two parts—your roots, or whatever is essential to you, and your echo, which is how the effects of your roots ripple through you.

"Wellness" represents the many aspects that contribute to your wellbeing. It includes the connection of your body, mind, and spirit and the effort you make in getting, and keeping, yourself well. Only you can determine what that looks like, and feels like, for you.

I’m here to assist you on your journey.


"Through Olwen’s thoughtful words, powerful voice, and beautiful drumming, I could feel myself surrendering to deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. After interacting with her kind support, I walked away feeling seen and completely taken care of. I highly recommend working with her in any way that you can."



Some Random Facts About Me

* My name is pronounced “All-wen,” and it has its origins in Welsh mythology. According to legend, Olwen was the daughter of a giant, but she was so gentle and kind that white lilies would grow wherever she stepped. FYI, the white lily thing happens to me. All. The. Time. (Sometimes I'm also sarcastic.)

* As a kid, I got stuck with a little ditty that went, “We all win with All-wen!” I've come to love it when “We all win with All-wen!” is chanted by a client to help them remember how to say my name.

* I’ve only met one other “Olwen” in my life. We were so excited and acted like crazed fans meeting [insert random person here that would make you scream and jump up and down]. We got a kick out of the fact that our mothers were both born in Wales and that we had the “proper” spelling of Olwen. (No, we don’t have the same mama and yes, apparently there is a proper way to spell Olwen.)

* "Business casual" is my personal version of hell. When I worked in a windowless cubicle, I would rebel by wearing jeans whenever I could sneak them into the office. It happened quite a lot!

* Sandals and cardigan season (a.k.a. autumn) is my favorite time of year.

* I never follow a recipe. I’ve got stacks of them that I will reference (sometimes), but I see the ingredients and measurements as recommendations only. (Kind of like speed limits.)

* I'm not a fan of a potlucks. I'll reluctantly attend them, but I have zero interest in trying to determine what to make or take. That's why I usually end up taking store bought cookies that I'll toss on the food table. That's the most effort I choose to give any potluck.

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